About the Two Photographers

Two friends decided to start this blog as a way to stay connected in their pursuit of photographic skills, while living in different parts of the country. The goal is to give a little focus to an already expanding hobby; developing new understanding and abilities in each as a photographer. Most importantly, this is a place to encourage them to stick with it and keep moving forward!


I’ve always been “that guy” who can’t go anywhere without his camera.  My love for taking pictures started with wanting to record memories of vacations, parties, and other events.  I’ve photographed a few weddings and I’ve done a little commercial work, but mostly I just photograph whatever happens to be around me at the time.  I work a “regular” 8 to 5 office job (at the same company as my blogging counterpart), so for now, photography is not my profession.  But over the last few years, I’ve been reading books, watching videos, following blogs, discussing with friends, and shooting hundreds of gigabytes of photos to see if it might be possible to cross that invisible line between enthusiast and professional.  In the meantime, photography forces me to take risks, face insecurities, and stick with a long-term project, and I’m enjoying the learning process. For more everyday photography, follow me on Instagram @50storms!




A few years ago, my eyesight started to deteriorate due to long hours spent working on computers. Now I wear glasses and it’s given me a new appreciation for the crisp, clean view captured through my lens. My favorite things to shoot are travel and unique places. It makes me happy to save little pieces of time and the beauty of our world in images. I prefer a photojournalistic perspective on people and events, but I do like some artsy set-up shots as well. Photographing people is still pretty intimidating to me, but I’ve had some awesome opportunities to practice and improve my skills! I’ve started to really enjoy shooting portraits, and I hope to continue to gain experience in this area of photography. If you want to know a little more about my beginnings, check out my intro post. And follow me for daily photos on Instagram @shera.photo!