Yellowstone on film

Wow… it has been a year and a half since anything new has been posted to our blog! There have been a lot of changes during that time – and I have not been photographing as often. But, I want to get back into taking good photos. Looking back at the “old” photographs on here has reminded me how much I appreciate them and the memories they hold.

This summer Kyle and his wife were able to come visit James and I for a little vacation. It was so fun! We spent most of our time in the area of Yellowstone National Park. And we definitely got some photo adventuring in! We are excited to kick things off here – sharing photos again – starting with some of our shots from Yellowstone. I can’t commit to a schedule of weekly posts, but I do look forward to sharing and exploring with photos again. I hope you enjoy!


Living near Yellowstone, I’ve gotten a bit… uninspired with my photos around the park. So for this trip, I took only my Canon AT-1 and film. These photos were all shot on Kodak UltraMax 400, and it was so enjoyable to shoot film again. It’s been too long.






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