return of the blog: yellowstone

I’m not even going to try to explain the record 681-day gap since my last post, other than to say that while the blogging stopped, the photography definitely kept going. So let’s get to the photos…

IYellowstone 06MG_1422

Shera and I decided to kick things off by sharing photos from an experience that we actually got to share this summer. My wife and I spent several adventurous and refreshing days with Shera and her husband, exploring Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. I was able to upgrade my DSLR during the year-and-a-half of my blog silence, so I shot these photos with a Canon 6D.

My setup: Canon 6D / Canon 24-105mm f/4.0
Post Processing: Lightroom 4 / VSCO Film 04: Fuji Velvia 50

For the full album, click here.

Yellowstone 04

Yellowstone 07

Yellowstone 08

Yellowstone 10

Yellowstone 09

A lot has changed in Yellowstone, since my last visit over 20 years ago. Mobile photography and selfie sticks are the tourist’s weapons of choice now. And the sheer number of tourists we ran into was staggering, especially considering it was officially the beginning of the off-season.

Yellowstone 11

We were good tourists and we did not approach the wild animals.

Yellowstone 16

Yellowstone 19

Yellowstone 27

There isn’t really another place quite like Yellowstone. And while the number of lodges and tourists has changed, it’s encouraging to see that the unique beauty remains the same.

Yellowstone 30

Yellowstone 28

Yellowstone 18

Yellowstone 26

Yellowstone 23


  1. Monica

    Welcome back! I hope to venture to Yellowstone myself one day for photo adventures. Enjoyed viewing the photos.

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