unMonday: ilford fp4 plus

Film has a way of drawing me back into photography even when I’m tired of it and don’t feel any inspiration. That’s the place I’ve been since I finished up my 365 project. While that burned me out a bit, it also did make me see photos a lot more easily. I see images I want to capture every day. Now, I am trying to reignite the inspiration behind photos (not just take pictures of things that strike me as interesting and worth a shot.)

Something about film – perhaps the finality of each frame – motivates me to get out, search, and work for each shot. I appreciate that motivation to move, find the right angle and composition before pressing the shutter. It almost forces inspiration. :)

Here are some of my favorite frames from a roll of Ilford FP4 Plus black and white film, shot in the Minolta SRT 201 during this past fall and Thanksgiving. Overall, this film has a nice, smooth look that I like. Bright sunlight seems to add more fade, but the result is an aged look that I kind of like.

ilford fp4 plus-18

ilford fp4 plus-24

ilford fp4 plus-6

ilford fp4 plus-11

ilford fp4 plus-9

ilford fp4 plus-1


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