tbt: carnivale masks

We were in Venice for “Carnevale” a few years ago. This is one of the celebrations Mardi Gras is a descendant of… and leads to a ridiculous amount of people crammed into the tiny streets of Venice. I do not recommend visiting during this time; I had been to Venice before and absolutely loved it. Carnevale though – was shoulder to shoulder jostling with strangers across bridges and through shops. It was an experience. Venice is more enjoyable with fewer people. :)

One thing that was really neat to see, though, was all the masks! They are so intricate and beautiful, and people really go all-out on costumes for the celebration. It’s like walking around in a time warp, where the historical and modern have collided.

carnivale masks-6

carnivale masks-2

carnivale masks-3

carnivale masks-5

carnivale masks-1

VSCO Film 06: Kodak Portra 400+1 –


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