unMonday: a full year

I am incredibly happy to announce that I have completed my Project 365! A whole year of photos. It’s hard to believe I made it, and I’ll be honest… I did miss about 10 days when I was super stressed with other things in life. So, I actually have 356 photos to show for the past year (if you wanted to be a stickler and count). That doesn’t bother me; I just left those days out and still finished at the right time in October.

If anyone is considering undertaking a Project 365, I must say – it’s really tough!!! I’m happy I did it, but relieved to be done. These last few months have been the hardest, and rather than motivate me to get out and take photos – it has been a last-minute chore to try and get a shot every day. Thank goodness for the iPhone! I’m glad I didn’t make the project too strict – phone photos were acceptable. I also highly recommend giving yourself leniency when it comes to posting the photos. My goal was to shoot a photo everyday. I did not have to get it downloaded and posted on my website every single day. This was the only realistic way I could expect to complete the project.

And here it is. My whole project summed up in little thumbnails that make it seem surprisingly small haha… Can you believe this represents an entire year?


Now, I look forward to getting back into more focused shooting. Getting back to the sets I have shot, but haven’t had the motivation or time to edit. Coherent sets of images that I can share with you. It feels really odd to not be taking a photo every day… I have to remind myself that I can take a week off and relax. After the past couple of days though, I’m itching to pull the camera out and go after something. Thanks for your patience, as I know the blog has been lacking while I drug myself across the finish line of this project!



  1. francesbe

    have you ever considered making a ‘one second every day’ film? with your 5d mark iii you could make something really beautiful. of course, it’s a massive commitment, but take a look at this one, and maybe it will inspire you:

    (it’s not mine, but i love it so much i want to share it with everyone)

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