washington wednesday: american history

Just walking the streets of Washington DC puts you in the midst of American history. One of the more (in)famous modern spots is the J Edgar Hoover building, home of the FBI. It looks a lot like any other office building… except it takes up an entire city block, there are concrete barriers in front of every entrance, and you can’t even get up to a door without going through some checkpoint. Don’t loiter too long haha. My friend and I were discussing the accuracy of the FBI agent on the television series Bones and as we speculated about the goings-on in the offices, the lady in front of us turned and entered through a security check. We couldn’t stop laughing – she was probably getting quite the kick out of us tourists.



The National Museum of American History is a great place to visit to soak up tidbits of this nation’s history. To me, the most incredible thing to see was the actual Star Spangled Banner. The flag that inspired the song. It is so huge!!! They keep it in a dimly lit room, where it’s so dark I nearly ran into someone and was afraid I might actually sit on someone too – on the viewing bench. Luckily that didn’t happen, but obviously this flag is cherished and protected – so no photos are allowed. Here are a few other things throughout the museum that were interesting to me.





It’s a pretty random smattering of historical items, which I enjoyed. Below is part of the actual counter and stools from the Greensboro sit-in protesting segregation. It was pretty incredible to get to actually see this in person. Some exhibits may not interest everyone, but this museum is easy to navigate so you can visit the items that do interest you.



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