unMonday: ilford hp5+

Last year, I shot my first roll of true black and white film: Ilford HP5+. The local developer I use does not process this film here, it has to be sent away to be developed. So, I held onto my exposed roll for the past year (planning on shooting another one and hoping to develop them at the same time.) I haven’t gotten around to shooting much film since then, so I just had this sitting in my ‘fridge until a month ago. That was when I decided it was time. I dropped off the roll and a few weeks later it was ready for pickup. Most of these photos were taken while fishing with my husband on the Madison River. I haven’t edited them at all, because I’m really happy with how they came out.

ilford hp5plus-13

ilford hp5plus-19

ilford hp5plus-5

ilford hp5plus-20

ilford hp5plus-16

ilford hp5plus-23


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