unMonday: a day off in ballard

I’ve been taking some time off before starting my new job, so I’ve been getting to hang out in Seattle during parts of the day in which I’d normally be stuck in the office. On one of these days off, I went photographing (and cycling, eating, Frisbee-ing) with my good friend and talented photographer, Michael Caleb Shriver.

Shriver and I have been doing photography together for many years. We’re often drawn to the same subjects, but usually come back with very different photos of the same subject. Shooting with him elevates the thoughtfulness in my photography, since I know he knows my work and my thought process. Last week, each armed with our own Fujifilm X100S’s, Shriver and I spent much of an afternoon photographing in and around our home neighborhood of Ballard – starting with Golden Gardens, then visiting The Palm Room and the streets of Old Ballard. Both of us are drawn to the unique and historic “Old” section of Ballard in our photography, which I’ve already featured in a number of my posts, and we continue to find new things to photograph in this familiar neighborhood.

Fujifilm X100s / Lightroom 4 / VSCO Film 01: Kodak Portra 400

Day Off in Ballard 01

Day Off in Ballard 02

Day Off in Ballard 07

Day Off in Ballard 04

Day Off in Ballard 06

Day Off in Ballard 05

Day Off in Ballard 09

Day Off in Ballard 08


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  1. Love the colors in these pictures!

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