washington wednesday: dc must-sees

This past week has been quite a drain, so I only have a few photos to share from a couple of places in DC that I feel are “must-sees”. First, the Library of Congress. This building is gorgeous even if you don’t really like books or research, but if you do… it’s even better. Seeing Thomas Jefferson’s collection of books was pretty awesome. (Of course, you cannot take photos of these old books.) The second place is Ford’s Theatre. I probably wouldn’t have made it to this spot if it wasn’t for my friend traveling with me, and I am so glad we went! There was so much history there. And what an eerie thing; to sit and look at the place where a President was assassinated. It made this piece of our history much more real to witness this place in person.

    • Fuji X100S
    • VSCO Film: Kodak Ektar 100 Vibrant & Kodak Royal Gold 400 Night/Tungsten Alt


dc-day2_3-1There is such ornate detail to the Library of Congress. I never would have expected it to be so beautiful – full of sculptures, mosaics, and paintings.

Below is the box where President Lincoln was watching the play when he was shot.dc-day2_3-8

dc-day2_3-5This is the gun that was used. It’s a lot smaller than I had expected.
dc-day2_3-6And here is Booth’s boot – sliced open so that a doctor could work on his hurt leg. After shooting President Lincoln, he leaped down from the box where Lincoln was sitting, onto the stage and made a proclamation before running away. The doctor and a few others who helped him were later caught, tried, and hanged.


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