unMonday: final fremont photo walk

After seven and a half years of working at a telecom company in Fremont (with my co-blogger Shera), the time has come for me to move on to new endeavors. My new occupation will be taking me away from this neighborhood, so this past week was pretty much the end of my weekly photo walks through “The Center of the Universe.” And while I’m looking forward to a career change, I don’t think I’ll ever find a better Seattle neighborhood in which to work than Fremont. I’m truly grateful for (and spoiled by) the many years of working in and exploring this eccentric, picturesque, friendly, lively, weird neighborhood…although I live only 10 minutes away from Fremont, so I’ll be back.

The upside of this final Fremont photo walk is that Shera was actually in town for the week. The entire time we’ve been running this blog, we’ve never actually practiced photography together, at the same time, in the same place. In fact, the whole point of doing a blog together was to share the photography experience while being several states way from each other. So going on a photo walk together was actually somewhat of a new experience for us. We found that we have very different styles of shooting – I look for people to include in my photos, while Shera seems to focus more on objects; Shera likes to take her time composing a shot, while I tend to be more compulsive; Shera shoots with all settings in manual mode, while I manually focus but expose in aperture priority mode.

For years, I’ve been experiencing Shera’s photography through the blog and other online venues, so it was really cool to actually see her photographic process in person. Plus, getting to do my final Fremont photo walk, with my good friend/co-blogger/coworker, was pretty much the perfect way to end my old job and my time working in Fremont. We only had about 45 minutes for our photo walk, so I didn’t really come away with very many photos. But we did take a ferry ride across the Puget Sound while Shera was in town, so keep an eye out for our photos from Bainbridge Island.

Canon 5D / Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L (borrowed from Shera) / Lightroom 4 / VSCO Film 04: Kodak E100G–

Fremont w/ Shera 05

Fremont w/ Shera 06

Fremont w/ Shera 02

Fremont w/ Shera 01

Fremont w/ Shera 06

Fremont w/ Shera 04

Fremont w/ Shera 03



  1. I tend to shoot a lot in manual, except when doing street photography

    • Yeah, same here. Some of the automatic settings definitely help catching the fleeting moments in street photography. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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