unMonday: argus + fuji velvia 100f

I had the old Argus looked at in a camera repair shop, because a few of the frames from my test roll didn’t turn out. When I messed with the camera at home, I saw the shutter stick open about 1/4 of the way one time. We were unable to reproduce the issue in the shop, so they suggested just firing the shutter a bunch to loosen it up more since it hadn’t been used for quite a few years [ahem decades]. :) So, I fired the shutter while practicing holding the box steady and then loaded another roll of 120 film.

This time, I used Fuji Velvia 100F slide film and had the developer cross-process it. The effect is a reddish hue on all of the photos, which varies from frame to frame. While I do like the results, shooting this roll was even more difficult than the last. I was able to wind the film through the first 5 shots, but then it became too difficult to turn the knob. I had to cover the camera in my jacket and pop the back open to wind for each of the next 7 photos. And I still ended up with blisters on my fingers! What a mess… I think it is because the spool is slightly too wide in diameter for the camera. I’m going to see if the husband can grind down the edges of the last roll of 120 film I have, and see if that helps. Otherwise I may need to buy some 620 spools and transfer the film to make it more usable. The good news is, all of the frames turned out this time! Hopefully the shutter really did just need to be fired some more. Here are a few of my favorites (you can see more on Flickr).





It was snowing, but I was determined to get through the roll so I could see if the camera was working! This shot ended up being my favorite of the bunch.


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