unMonday: a new experience

Awhile back, I posted about the benefits and advantages of photographing with equipment that is lighter, inconspicuous, and simpler, especially when traveling and doing street photography. So after months of over-analytical research and second guessing myself, I finally decided to get a fixed-lens, mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor – the Fujifilm X100S. Yes, that’s right, the same camera that Shera just bought.

All those words I used above to describe the X100S are just a bunch of camera terms that basically mean this: it’s a small camera with a fairly large sensor and, unlike my Canon DSLR, the lens is not interchangeable. So far, I’ve had an amazing experience with the X100S and it’s exceeded so many of my expectations. It’s the right balance between quality, capability, simplicity, and portability. And it’s retro design isn’t just for hipster cred – it actually functions and feels much like my old film SLR, the Nikon FE. It’s a very different experience, shooting with the hands-on control of a manual film camera and the modern technological capability of a digital camera. We might actually end up doing a joint review of the X100S on the blog, since we both seem to really enjoy shooting with this camera.

I took the X100S on a recent trip, but until those photos are processed, I’m sharing some of my test shots from around Seattle. These photos were edited with VSCO Film 01, using the Fuji 400H filter.

The gentlemen in this last photo is Benny, the proud artist behind this mural. He said that he used an Egyptian chalk – a mix of chalk and wax – which keeps the drawings from being ruined by Seattle’s predominant weather of choice.


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