unMonday: a new adventure

The past couple of weeks have been short on posts, but not for lack of photos being taken! I’ve been discovering my new Fuji x100s, and really enjoying the process. This camera is smaller and lighter than the Canon 5D MarkIII, and that makes it a bit easier to pull out and go shooting. I’ve been using it for my daily photos for the past couple of weeks, and love almost everything about it. My favorite part is the ability to shoot it fully manual and use physical dials for all the controls. It even has a usable manual-focus feature! It reminds me so much of the film cameras I was shooting last year… here it is along with the Canon AT-1. Rather than dive into a full review of the camera right now, I’m going to hold off and just share a few of the first photos I took with it. I hope to be able to share more later this week. These have all been processed with VSCO Film.

Another adventure point: I took a quick trip to Washington DC about a week ago! This is the camera I took on that trip. I still need to get through my review of those photos, but I can’t wait to share them!


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