unMonday: snowy ranch

For one of my daily photos this past week, I decided to take a little drive in the snow. Everything had just been covered and I wanted to try to capture it all pretty and white. I headed down a dirt road along the river, but the water wasn’t as exciting as I’d hoped… so I continued on… views around here are plentiful and I figured I would find something interesting. Sure enough, a couple of the ranches I came across had animals sporting their extra fuzzy winter coats. 

I decided to pull over and just walk the quiet road. I love the sound of cold snow crunching under boots, and enjoyed my little trek to visit the different animals. It was only about 10 degrees out though, so I had to be sure my camera adjusted to the cold. The few problems I’ve had shooting in extreme cold have been with the viewfinder fogging up and the shutter being more sensitive. It seems to fire more easily and often than it usually does. But, the cold also means I may have lost the majority of feeling in my finger and I’m pressing the shutter harder than I think. In any case, I find those two things to be the worst part of shooting in near zero degree temperatures. I also spoke to a tech guy about it and he said the greatest danger to equipment is a sudden change in temperature – so allowing the camera to gradually warm in the cold car and then bringing it in along with me, still in its bag and letting it gradually adjusting to indoor temperature is how I handle it. So far, so good. And the MarkIII is a beast. It should be fine.

Below are a few of my favorite shots. The mule was so friendly, and had icicles hanging off its coat! It started mugging for a treat after I snapped a few photos, and I wish I would have had a carrot. The herefords are what got me to pull over though, as they have such fuzzy looking coats dusted in snow. Pretty cows.

  • Canon 5D Mark III
  • 50mm f/1.4 lens
  • Lightroom 5 & VSCO Film


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