unMonday: new motivation

Ever since downloading VSCO Cam, I’ve been out shooting with my phone almost daily.  This little app has given new life and motivation to my photography.  And while it’s true that no app or camera automatically delivers great photos, shooting regularly with fresh motivation has given me more opportunities hopefully capture some good photos.

Some of the things I love about VSCO Cam for Android:

  • The beautiful, accurate, subtle, film-like filters
  • A broad range of editing control over all aspects of the photo
  • Simple, intuitive, consistent, beautiful user interface
  • Design-conscious, photo-centric aesthetic of their photo gallery, VSCO Grid
  • The awesome filters distract the viewer from the HTC One’s poor image quality

Some of the things about VSCO Cam for Android that are disappointing:

  • Unlike the iOS version, the Android version of the camera cannot separately select a focus point and and exposure point
  • Rotating a photo ruins the image by creating a lot of strange artifacts and distortions (probably a bug that they’ll fix)

I’m trying to be especially discerning about the photos that I post to my VSCO Grid, but shown below are some of the photos that I took over the last week.  Hope you’ve had a happy unMonday, and if you’re into photography, I hope you find a way to give new life and motivation to your photography!


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