unMonday: vsco, finally!

While my Macbook Pro is under repair, I’m not able to work on any photos that I’ve taken with my DSLR. So in the meantime, I have some mobile photos to share.

You may have already seen the mobile photos that Shera has captured and edited with the VSCO Cam app for iOS. I’ve been waiting impatiently for VSCO to develop the app for Android, and now it’s finally here! VSCO designed their VSCO Cam app with the same quality, control, and film aesthetic as their VSCO Film products, which I’ve been using with my DSLR photos. The subtlety and the realistic film “feeling” of VSCO Cam presets just can’t be found in any of the other apps I’ve seen, especially on Android. While these aspects may not be important to most smartphone users, as a photographer who loves film, this is a pretty exciting development for me.

So if it hasn’t yet become apparent, I’m geeking out over VSCO Cam. It seems pretty ridiculous to be this excited about something on a phone, but I’m genuinely enjoying the photos that I’m producing with this app and I think it will continue to make a difference in my mobile photography. You can find my VSCO Grid at igarashi.vsco.co. Check out the gallery below to see what I’ve created so far:

Also, this is the first post that I’ve written on my phone, the HTC One. It feels kind of cramped trying to edit on the WordPress app, but it seems to get the job done.


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