unMonday: new photo project & website

I am pretty excited to announce a new photo project I have undertaken, which has already helped motivate me to pull out my camera and think about possible photo opportunities more. It’s also forced me to set up my own separate website, where I can complete the project apart from this blog… because what I’ve decided to do is 365 photos over the course of a year! Here is the logo I’ve come up with for my photography, which is found at shuttercrunch.com.

shutter crunch

Initially, I wanted to complete this project with an Instamax camera and physical photos in an album. My reasoning was that this project needed to be something personal, and without pressure. After all, shooting a photo every day is already going to be a challenge. I wanted to be free to take the occasional silly photo, and I wanted to be able to enjoy a physical photo album at the end of a year. After it’s completed, this project could end up being a sort of visual journal of an entire year of my life.

But, I don’t own an Instamax camera. And I don’t really want to spend a lot of money on film when I already own such great digital equipment. Hmm… Kyle encouraged me to explore the option of using my new Canon on this project and to see if I could find a digital option that I liked for collecting my photos. He also challenged me to pick up my camera and start. It’s easy to sit around and think about a photo project and how I would like it to pan out, but it’s another thing to see if I can actually follow through and execute it. So, I gave it a shot.

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 9.23.34 PMThis is a screenshot of what my page looked like one day last week. I’ve already been doing a photo a day for over a month now, and I’m loving it. Some days are more challenging than others, but it’s good to be challenged. I’m looking forward to pushing the creative aspects of my photography. The compromise of using digital cameras on this project has lead me to use VSCO Film or VSCOcam for every photo posted. That way, I can have the feel of film photos and I can explore all of the different VSCO “films” throughout this year. As far as the visual documentation of a year of my life goes, I am planning on printing myself an album once the 365 days are done (on October 15th.) Please take a minute to check out my on-going project once in a while!


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  1. Liberty Williams

    Yay!! Thanks for sharing 😊

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