unMonday: getting to know the markIII

I’ve had the Canon MarkIII for a while now, but I’ll admit… I haven’t really broken it in… yet. That has got to change, and I’m on a mission to explore and push what this camera [and I] can do. The first thing I tried, that I would not have been able to do with the old Rebel, was an outdoor night photo. This was shot at ISO1600 with the 50mm lens.

Post-processing was done with LightRoom 5 and VSCO Film – Pack 03. Where is the noise? Besides the film grain, it’s non-existent. I’m amazed by what this camera can do in low light, and I need to remember to take it out in tough, low-light situations more. I doubt it will ever disappoint.

Next, I really wanted to try the in-camera double-exposure that this camera can do. Double-exposures with film can be so cool, and when I saw some of the images Sara Byrne has made with digital double-exposures, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. Actually, I could hardly believe it could be done – and had to see it to believe it! You can check out some of Sara’s work and her tutorial here. My first shot at a portrait double-exposure is from a hike through the mountains with my husband this weekend.

This feature, and double-exposure images, is something I really want to explore more and master. It’s so fun! There are numerous possibilities and the creative potential is so exciting! Again, post-processing was done in LightRoom 5 and I used VSCO Film Pack 04. The same goes for the last couple of photos, which are just some fun shots I’ve gotten while getting in the habit of pulling my camera out and taking photos regularly. I’m happy to say, I’m getting much more familiar with it, and feeling comfortable with its massive array of options.


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