travel: santorini


This is the sixth and final post of my Travel: Europe series!  So far, my photos have taken you through Paris, Cinque Terre, Florence, San Gimignano, and Rome.  Now at last we come to Santorini, the longest segment and perhaps the most unique location of our trip.  Thanks for following my travel series, and I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to see a little bit of Europe through my eyes.

Notes on Santorini

  • We stayed 4 days and 3 nights in a small hotel just south of the town of Fira
  • Perissa to the south and Oia to the north were great places to hang out, but Fira in the middle is mostly for the tourists that come to Santorini on flotillas of cruise ships
  • This whole island is a dead volcano, surrounded by and filled with the Aegean Sea
  • The towns sit on the cliffs and beaches of Santorini (officially called “Thira”), providing incredible views no matter where you are on the island
  • Perissa Beach was quiet and relaxing when we visited (not sure if it gets busy during a different season) – long, open beach, lots of great restaurants with open-air seating and some with complimentary beach chairs for customers who dine at the restaurants


  • Ammoudi is a tiny cluster of homes and restaurants in a small bay down the hill from the town of Oia
  • The restaurants serve extremely fresh seafood that probably comes straight off of the fishing boats anchored in the bay
  • Watching the sunset from the cliffs of Oia is pretty much like watching every other sunset in the world, but watching the sunset as it lights up the red cliffs and whitewashed buildings of Oia above Ammoudi is pretty spectacular
  • There are a few rental homes in Ammoudi on – if there’s ever a “next time” in Santorini, I’ll be staying here


  • Oia is a popular spot to watch the sun set over the Mediterranean, and as the last sliver of sun slips below the horizon, everyone watching cheers and applauds
  • Oia is also popular for its art community – as in “real” artists from all over Greece, not just the kitschy tourist art – which apparently creates a lot of jealousy and bitterness in the people of Fira (according to a shopkeeper in Oia, of course)
  • Visit Atlantis Books if you love reading, subterranean bookstores, cool hand-pressed books and journals, and/or cats
  • The tiny airport on Santorini isn’t equipped to handle the droves of cruise ship passengers leaving the island – don’t underestimate the check-in time at this little airport
  • Every one of the places we visited on this trip was hard to leave, but for me, Santorini was definitely the hardest – time to plan a Greek Island tour…



  1. I love this contrast between the white of the buildings and the tons of colors you put in each scene (the amazing blue sly, the colorful clothes and flowers and other objects). Stunning place!

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