travel: rome

As we explored Rome and took in all of the countless historical buildings, monuments, and structures, we were all struck by the depth and breadth of the history that this city has endured, and how very little we knew about it.  We were pleasantly overwhelmed with all there was to see and do in Rome.

Thoughts on Rome:

  • We used to find a cozy apartment in the Trastevere neighborhood, overlooking Piazza della Scala, where we stayed for 3 days and 2 nights
  • Trastevere is apparently up-and-coming and populated by young expats, but it still retains it’s Roman identity with its narrow streets, bustling piazzas, Italian architecture, and squadrons of scooters
  • I highly recommend staying in this neighborhood – fewer tourists (and therefore fewer nagging vendors), lots of restaurants and cafes, and a great place to explore and people-watch

  • We used one of the city’s streetcars a few times, but we got around mostly on foot – took more time and energy, but we got to see every interesting sight along the way
  • It was just our luck that our trip happened to coincide with a Catholic holiday, which prevented us from going inside St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel
  • I’ve never wanted a scooter so badly than when visiting Rome, even if it is a cliche
  • I’ve found that Italian is a lot of fun to speak – I wish I had more of a reason to learn the language

  • We avoided all of the tours and long lines for admission, but spent a lot of time wandering the Forum (and surrounding archaeological sites) which was large enough to allow for breathing room between groups of tourists
  • Some parts of Rome’s historical areas seemed almost comical to me, as if someone had stolen dozens of famous structures from different eras and then randomly piled them together
  • I’m sorry if this is cold-hearted, but the vendors that guard every major landmark, harassing everyone with their noisemaker blobs, blinding laser pointers, deceitful offers of “free” roses, and plastic bags sagging with cheap beer, came very close to ruining those experiences for me
  • How do Romans stay sane with the millions of tourists constantly invading their city??
  • I had heard that Rome was overrated, but I’d have to strongly disagree – there’s so much to see apart from the most famous attractions, and I hope I get a chance to go back someday
  • These photos were edited with VSCO Film Kodak E200++ Alt



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