travel: san gimignano

The walled city of San Gimignano:

  • 3 days and two nights living in a medieval city overlooking the Tuscan countryside.
  • Packed with tourists during the day, but during the mornings and evenings, the residents and overnight visitors have the quiet town to themselves.
  • Our friend Jason Hsiao joined us for this part of the trip while on his own European excursion!
  • I can’t say enough about how beautiful this city is – towers with 360˚ views of Tuscan vineyards, every cobbled street and stone building is worth a photograph, and UNESCO protection keeps San Gimignano’s medieval feeling and identity.
  • The woman standing in her window happily gave me permission to take her photo when I gestured the request with my camera.  Brief, friendly interactions like that encourage me to make more personal connections when I do photography.
  • San Gimignano is particularly peaceful and uniquely photogenic at night.
  • I learned the hard way that small hotels in Europe don’t keep their doors open 24/7, and found myself locked out after some late-night .photographing.  As is fitting for being in Italy, I tried the romantic solution of throwing small pebbles at our window to get the attention of my wife and friends.  But the city does such a good job at cleaning their streets literally (and I mean literally in the truly literal sense) everyday that I could only find two or three pebbles.  Thankfully the manager/owner of Albergo Cisterna eventually responded to my slightly panicked calls on the front door intercom, and I got to practice my Italian for “I’m sorry!” and “Thank you so much!”
  • We couldn’t figure out how to visit wineries without having to jump on a crowded tour bus – unlike in the US, visitors can’t just drop in on a winery and local information guides seemed confused when we asked about taking winery tours.  Maybe we were taking the wrong approach or in the wrong part of Tuscany.  Anyone know the secret to a less touristy Tuscan winery/vineyard experience?
  • When the line for famous gelato is short, don’t ask yourself if you’re in the mood or if you’re full, just get in line.
  • Processed with VSCO Film Kodak E100G and Fuji Velvia 100




  1. Ciao Man

    Fantastico! We were crazy about SG! And La Cisterna! What a terrifico place! Beautiful pics Kyle!

  2. Amazing pictures, as usual… San Gimignano looks even more beautiful through your eyes! Congratulations once again :)

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