travel: florence

Even though Florence’s art and architecture draws tourists in droves, it seemed to me that Florence, more than the other cities we visited, is seen in its best light from the perspective of a long-term resident rather than a tourist.  With its crisscrossed network of narrow streets, so much of Florence seemed completely hidden from the fleeting view of a passing tour group.  I envied the foreign students I saw meeting up with old friends and buying books for the next term at one of Florence’s many universities; I envied all the time that they would have with Florence and all the everyday things they would get to see and do.  We had only a day and a night in this city, but we made the most of it, exploring both the famous and not so famous sides of Florence.

Florence bullets:

  • Staying south of the Arno allowed us to see a slightly less tourist-infused version of life in Florence
  • Rosticceria La Spada and Trattoria Casalinga – recommended by a friend and our hotel’s owner, respectively; of course I anticipated eating pasta at these restaurants, but their simple dishes of roasted chicken, potatoes, and steak were some of the most memorable meals on this trip
  • Only four days in, I completely filled two memory cards with pictures, and ended up buying a third card in Florence
  • We briefly met the proprietor of the Perche No gelato shop in Florence, who happens to be friends with the owners of the Perche No Italian restaurant here in Seattle
  • Narrow, haphazard streets and numerous piazzas make for the best street photography and people watching
  • A recurring topic of conversation began in this city: Why doesn’t the US have piazzas?
  • Florence proved that all the stories you hear about Italy and driving and scooters are true
  • Photos processed with VSCO Film Fuji Astia 100F, Fuji Velvia 50, and Agfa Scala 200



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