unMonday: viva las vegas

This past weekend, I got to have a wonderful girls’ weekend in Las Vegas! It was a fun reunion with a couple of the wives I got to be good friends with through the military. We’re all separated by a lot of distance now, and I’m so glad we’ve remained friends! Here are a few memories from the trip ~ all taken with my iPhone 5 and processed with VSCOcam. I used the K3 preset, which mimics Kodachrome film and seemed appropriate for Vegas – with its bright bold colors.

This is from the show “Absinthe” at Caesar’s Palace, which was great! It’s a smaller venue, so everyone has a seat really close to the performers and they do some amazing stuff. If you’d like to see a few more photos from our adventures, you can check out my Set on Flickr: Vegas 2013.


  1. Candy Craddick

    What absolutely great pictures! Love the picture of the fountains and rainbow. Definitely postcard perfect!

  2. wow… I’ve never been to Vegas, but you made me feel exactly the same “air” that I always imagined for the city, especially with the cocktail one ;)

  3. nicoleguercio

    I love the one looking up with the leaves coming down!!

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