travel: paris

Many people (myself included) doubted that this day would come in the year 2013.  But three months after our trip to Europe, my photographs are ready for the blog!  As I post photos from each segment of the trip, you’ll find that this album covers a wide range of photographic styles: street, landscape, portraiture, architecture, and lots of stuff in between.  That’s what’s so great about travel photography!  It includes anything interesting that the photographer sees in the life of other people in another land.  I’ll be sharing what I consider the best of these photos on the blog, but you can find more photos on my Flickr stream.  As for my thoughts on these photographs, I’m going with the engineer’s approach: bullet points.  Writing on the blog has been slowing me down lately (I over-think when I write), so from here on out, there will be less talk and more photos!

So here are my thoughts from Paris:

  • Over the course of this trip, I shot with my Canon 5D and two prime lenses – Canon 50mm f/1.4 and 28mm f/1.8
  • Post-processed with VSCO Film
  • I’ve been to Paris a few times, but one night is not enough to get over jet lag and enjoy this beautiful city
  • As much as I mentally prepared myself, it was still pretty much impossible to simultaneously enjoy my surroundings, be thoughtfully present with my fellow travelers, and stay in “the zone” with my camera
  • Biggest difference between photographing Europe this year and five years ago: I feel like I can actually see the shot I want before I take it, instead of just photographing whatever happens to be around me
  • It’s a challenge to capture original photos of an iconic city – I tried to avoid straightforward approaches to photographing famous landmarks
  • Being an Asian tourist makes it slightly easier to get away with taking photos of complete strangers
  • I need a lot more time in Paris


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