unMonday: a new kind of film

We’ve talked about it before… film’s allure. There is just something wonderful about taking a photograph on film. For me, it brings back the magical element of photography. When I take a photo on film, it truly captures a moment. I don’t know if it’s going to be exposed perfectly. I don’t know if it will do what my eyes have seen justice. I won’t have 4 different tries at the same shot to nail it exactly as I want. It’s just a moment stamped on a roll – and I try to make that count. I’m not as trigger happy; I look for things worthy of a frame of film.

That being said, I own some pretty nice digital equipment… the MarkIII is still waiting to be taken out on some real adventures. And shooting film can get a little expensive. The total cost of my Hawaiian vacation on film (original film cost, processing and printing) ended up being about $130. When I own such a nice digital camera, it’s hard to justify continuing to spend money on this hobby of mine. So, I finally dug into the VSCO group’s software for processing dSLR images, VSCO Film. Granted, the software does cost a bit of money, but when my camera is paid for and a software package costs about as much as my 4 rolls of Ektar for Hawaii in the end… it seems like a good option.

Now, to replicate not only the final product of shooting film, but also the joy I feel when I’m out toting my film camera around, I need to change some of the aspects of shooting digital. Film is exciting because I never quite know what I’m capturing until it’s developed. So, I’m turing off the LCD screen on the back of the camera, and leaving my photos more up to chance. It’s gonna be exciting. (For now, I’m so stuck in the habit of checking every shot, I still look at the back of the camera… even though the screen is blank haha.) Of course, I will turn the screen back on if I’m ever shooting portraits – I don’t think I can commit to the risk of not getting someone else the photos they want.

Both of these photos have been processed with VSCO Film, and were taken around Bozeman. They are both using the preset which processes the photo as though it were shot on Ilford HP5. As I embark on this endeavor, I’m also switching my post-processing to LightRoom 5, with a whole new set-up for my personal computer. So far so good, but wish me luck!


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