unMonday: waimea bay

Waimea Bay has got to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The water is so clear and the colors in the bay are amazing. It’s tough to find parking though, so in order to get a few photos, I got up early one morning for a photo adventure. I wasn’t sure how the film and camera would do with the bright light on the sand and water, so I only took a few shots. I have to say, the Kodak Ektar did not disappoint (again). The water actually looks just as wonderful in the photo as it did in person. Ocean water is something I’ve always found difficult to capture… it never seems to look quite like it does in person. There seems to be something about film that captures water better than I’ve experienced on digital.

This beach actually had quite the lifeguard set-up. A boat, surf boards, and four-wheeler were all ready to go in case of an emergency.

Can you imagine this being your work’s location? :)



  1. W
    How did you handle film going through security? Any issues with the xray issue?

    • Well, let me preface this with – I am notorious for having bad luck with the TSA. At our first airport check-in, I saw a sign saying I have the right to ask for a hand inspection of film. I pulled all my rolls out and asked an agent if she could inspect them. She just stared at me and asked the speed of the film – then she told me it would be fine and to just put it through the machine. By now, my items had all gone, people were piled up behind me – I ended up having to put them in a bin with another guy’s stuff… After that experience, I didn’t even bother taking the film out and talking to an agent. I read on a Kodak site that you can put them through the scanners up to 5 times without any negative effects. All my film turned out just fine. The place they did warn me to not put film – is in your checked bags. Those xrays are stronger and will ruin it, I guess. Have you had issues traveling with film?

      • No I haven’t because I’ve been fearful it would be ruined so I’ve just taken my digital when I fly. I’m going to Kauai soon and wanted to take my “new” used medium format kit. Sounds like it will be OK.

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