unMonday: oahu by iPhone

My husband and I finally took a real vacation, and spent the past couple of weeks road-tripping across Washington and relaxing in Hawaii. It was wonderful. As we were heading out, I realized that this was the first trip I’ve taken since… possibly college, where I haven’t packed a computer.

I did, of course, pack a lot of photo gear. Here’s what I brought: the iPhone 5, Canon AT-1 plus a few rolls of film, Canon 5D Mark III (plus lenses). My little Kata bag worked excellently – holding all of those items plus the 3 lenses for the Mark III. I was especially happy when I saw that the old film camera would fit, as I had been toying with the idea of shooting some, if not all, of our vacation on film. It was an intimidating thought, shooting a place like the North Shore of Oahu with only a 50mm lens on film, but it was something I really wanted to try. Once we started off on our adventure, and I got over the hump of taking my time to get my settings ready, focus and shoot the first few photos, I committed to only using the film camera. With one exception… I would still use my iPhone for quick shots that I didn’t have the film camera with me for, or for things I didn’t think were worth a frame of film. This was helpful for photos I wanted to take after snorkeling, or when our exploration was unplanned, because I didn’t want to leave film in the car baking at high temperatures for a long period of time. I’m still a little nervous to find out if any of it turned out… my rolls went through airport scanners twice and did end up getting pretty warm at times, but even if they’re ruined, I still have a lot of memories from my iPhone photos.

In keeping with my current film tendency, I shot my phone photos with VSCOcam and chose one preset to act as my “film” for the entire trip. The preset I used on all of these photos is P8, which is described as acting like an all-purpose instant film.

I chose to use this preset because it gave my photos the warm tones that bring out the summer feeling in these shots. I also like the instant film look because it matches the place. There’s no better way for me to describe it – most of our time was spent on the North Shore, where the little towns and beaches are fairly timeless (less touristy) and you can imagine being there 40 years ago and it looking nearly the same.

I did take this shot on film, but I decided I better back it with an iPhone photo since it was getting dark. Just as I was getting the scene framed, that boat started rowing into the bay. This made my day!

We explored the Polynesian Cultural Center one evening, and I caught a lucky shot of my husband looking out of one of the Tahitian buildings.

I was excited to be one of the last people exploring the Cultural Center, because it meant open views of the place.

This photo is from our drive around the island. Can you see all the people in the waves? Not bad for a phone, huh? Below is a view of the famous surf spot, Diamondhead. It’s a pretty impressive hike down to the water if you’re carrying a surf board.

Another fun feature of VSCOcam (I know, it sounds like they are paying me, but they’re not…darn) is the new VSCO Grid. I’m not sure if it’s readily available, as they were still working on getting it ready for a full release the last I heard, but I applied for a grid back when I started using the new app. Just before we left on vacation, my wish was granted and I was able to set up my site: shera.vsco.co. Please check it out! I really like that it is available both online and mobile, and it works seamlessly across all platforms I’ve checked. I’m still getting it all put together, but it’s almost like an instant portfolio website. I will be keeping it strictly iPhone photos, but it’s a nice classy place to post my best iphoneography shots. What do you think?

Goodbye Hawaii! Sad to leave and get back to “real life”.


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