unMonday: europe 2013 – mobile photography

I’m still in the middle of the selection process with the photos from my trip to Paris, Italy, and Thira, but I wanted to share these mobile photos as a little preview.  For the rest of the photos, it’s going to be at least a few more weeks…

Since I’ve been playing around more with street photography and taking more candid portraits while traveling, I’ve seen the advantages to using a smaller, lighter, more inconspicuous camera when trying to photograph people in their natural elements.  When using my mobile phone’s camera and my small film SLR, I’ve experienced a little bit of what a lot of street and travel photographers already know – small cameras give you freedom, they’re more covert, and they don’t make people as nervous.

My recent travels reinforced a lot of these ideas.  While I love the process and the result of taking photos with my Canon 5D, lugging the heavy magnesium alloy body and the camera bag carrying the extra lens and other peripherals got really old after a few days of getting on and off crowded Metros, roaming cobblestone streets all day on foot, and moving from town to town every two days.  My phone was often easier to access and I usually went unnoticed when I took pictures with it (although I did miss quite a few shots because my phone’s camera crashed repeatedly or took ten seconds to activate).  The performance and the control that come with a high-end DSLR and some decent lenses still can’t be beat by even the best point-and-shoot or mirrorless, large-sensor cameras.  But for travel and street photography, I learned first-hand that speed, portability, and unobtrusiveness might actually be more important than professional performance and control.

In light of my trip, I am honestly considering a much lighter setup for my photography – switching to a compact mirrorless camera, with an APS-C sensor (or larger), and a fixed lens.  I still need to test my motives to make sure I’m not just wanting more grown-up toys to play with.  And I don’t know if that means getting rid of my Canon 5D and lenses.  But I’ll be testing out some cameras and seeing where my photography takes me over the next few months.

Until then, here are the few mobile photos I took in Europe.  The phone is a Motorola Photon and I used the Snapseed app for post-processing.



  1. You’re an amazing photographer!

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