unMonday: ballard sunday market

I’m back on American soil and finally posting again!  It actually feels good to think about photography again and to start going through the hundreds (just shy of thousands) of photos that have come from the back-to-back activities over the last few weeks (graduation, family in town, world traveling, and so forth).  In the busyness of participating in and photographing all of these activities, I haven’t had time to process my thoughts on my work.  In fact, I’ve only looked once through the photos from my recent trip to Europe.  But now, with Shera taking her turn on vacation, I have more motivation to keep this blog up and running.  I guess I’d better hurry up with all that thinking and processing…

Having family visiting from out of town during the summer means getting to do a lot of the fun, outdoor, local activities.  The Ballard Sunday Market is open year-round, but the Seattle summer weather brings out the best in going to the Market.  Local artists, farmers, restauranteurs, and other vendors set up along a closed-off section of Ballard Avenue.  Some people come to shop, some come to people watch, I come to eat everything…and take photos.

The colorful goods, the vibrant activity, and the generally pleasant mood of the Sunday Market make it easier to practice street photography here.  I’m continually working on drumming up the courage to be more interactive with people as I shoot, but I still feel like I’m intruding and irritating people with my big DSLR.  I’ll talk more about the pros/cons of big DSLR vs. small mirrorless camera in a later post – traveling and shooting in Europe may have convinced me to shift my paradigm a little bit.

Until then, enjoy these photos of the Ballard Sunday Market with my wife and my family-in-law!  These photos were shot with a Canon 28mm f/1.8 that I borrowed from a friend.


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