unMonday: iPhone5 + VSCOcam

Is anyone surprised that I haven’t been out with my MarkIII yet? Getting settled into a house takes a long time; even longer when you own the place. This is a new lesson I’m learning on a daily basis. It’s coming along though, and I can honestly say that this past week, it feels like it could be my home. That may sound weird, but up until now it’s only felt like a place we were staying. Well, it’s become more official that we are here to stay for a while too…

On July 3rd, my manager let me off work two hours early for the holiday. I decided it would be a good time to run in and get my vehicle registered here. Make it official. It was 5:20pm before I got out of there, but I did get it done. What a pain.

The views around here certainly are beautiful, which helps with me adjusting to the new location. The sunsets lately have been great – and we don’t have any fires in the area yet! That makes being outside and taking in the views even more enjoyable. :)

Tough to beat.

And lastly, here is a shot of our coolest tree. We picked out a hotwings maple and were told it would turn red when the leaves change color. That sounded pretty… our other maple will turn yellow so it should be quite colorful in the fall (especially once the trees are better established.) But, look! It’s already showing off some red with its little pods!

All of these photos were taken with the VSCOcam app on an iPhone 5. Occasionally, I use the built-in camera app, but since I’ve gotten used to being able to set the exposure and focus separately with VSCOcam… the regular camera has lost its appeal. It’s no faster to start up that, than it is to start up VSCOcam. And then I’m not frustrated if I want to change how it’s processing light. These were all edited with VSCOcam presets as well.


  1. Shera! I bought the entire filter pack for VSCO based on your last post and used it the entire time I was in Europe. I found myself leaning pretty heavily on about 3-4 specific filters, but it’s nice to have all the options. I also just started a VSCO grid (http://shriver.vsco.co). You got me hooked on this app.

    • Awesome! I also just started a grid: http://shera.vsco.co :) I’ll be checking out your photos while I’m on vacation and working on my own. ;) I especially like a certain few filters, but with the whole pack, I think I’m set forever. See ya in a few!

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