unMonday: where i’ve been

Photography has taken a back-burner in my life lately, due to some big life changes… my husband is now out of the military and we’ve moved across the country into our very first house. We bought the house new, and landscaping was not included. Can you guess what I’ve been doing for the past 3 months? :) Our neighborhood is built on an old riverbed, so first we harvested a nice crop of rocks.

Thank goodness Kyle told me to start taking photos for before and after comparisons! I didn’t catch much of a view of the place before the topsoil was delivered, but the changes are still drastic. Those piles of dirt might not look like much, but let me tell you. They were all at least 2 feet high, and it rained about 5 times before we were able to start spreading them… do you know how heavy mud is? Fun.

It finally dried out though, and we got it we got it all smoothed and spread out. And a month later, we were able to lay sod and have a real yard! Of course, we couldn’t do this all on our own. Thanks to lots of help from family, this was a do-able project. The weather helped too… it was cloudy all day, rained a little while we finished up laying the sod, and once we were done a huge thunderstorm rolled in and gave it all a good soak!

So… that’s where I’ve been. Now that we actually have grass, I’m starting to feel a bit more settled. I hope to get back to taking my camera out on photo adventures soon. All of these shots were taken with the iPhone 5 and VSCOcam.


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