unMonday: travels revisited: pisa & wine

Our travel day to Pisa was a little gloomy, with a light cool rain falling most of the time. That didn’t stop me from taking the obligatory tourist photo of myself holding up the tower… don’t worry, I’ll spare you that. :) It was actually kind of tough to photograph the leaning tower. Depicting something with that lean, and keeping the camera straight and with a reference that shows a viewer the lean, was a challenge for me. Here’s the best shot I got.

The buildings surrounding the “leaning tower of Pisa” were pretty interesting too. As usual, the wetness from the rain made for pretty pictures.

Another part of our Italian adventures was visiting some local wineries. The ones we were able to visit were within view of the Swiss Alps, in the northern part of the country. It was incredibly beautiful; I don’t think my photos do the area justice. We loved the wine tastings too ~ we found our favorite wine at one of these wineries. After five years, we still haven’t found one we like better.

If you’re interested, the wine is Sangue di Giuda. I found one article on it here. It’s difficult to find in the U.S., but it can be done. We bought a case the last time we saw it in a store… hopefully that will last until we find it again!



  1. We were in Pisa with similar conditions (pouring rain), photos were tough indeed. [and I’m holding the tower up in pure tourist joy in at least one or two shots.] Now I want to head back to Tuscany to our favorite trattoria for drunken noodles!

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