unMonday: new neighborhood

It’s been so long so I’ve actively shot, edited, or posted photos, I kind of forgot where I left off.  Over the last month or so, I’ve been focusing on getting my wife and me moved from one side of Seattle to the other.  But now that we’re done moving and settling in, I finally have time (and a new home office space!) for photos!

Staying dedicated to practicing photography has been challenging, particularly during the last few months.  I’ve had very little time to devote to any photo-focused excursions, so I’ve had to resort to snapping a few photos of the neighborhood around my office during lunch breaks at work.  Shooting regularly in the same location has been a good way to learn how to look beyond the obvious aesthetics in order to find good photographic moments.  There are only so many times you can photograph tourist icons like the Fremont Bridge or the statue of Lenin, so I’ve been forced to look deeper for more unique moments and perspectives.  But as interesting as the Fremont neighborhood is, I’m starting to lose motivation and inspiration after photographing the same small neighborhood, in the same city, four to five times a week for months on end.

Thankfully, with moving comes a new neighborhood, and a new part of Seattle to explore and photograph.  My wife and I now live in Ballard, on the west side of Seattle, along the ship canal.  As a former resident of Ballard, I’m fairly familiar with the neighborhood, but I’ve learned from repeatedly photographing Fremont that photography gives you a deeper understanding of a place.  I’m definitely looking forward to making some photos of the new neighborhood and resuming projects that I’ve put off during our move.

I took a short series of facade shots in Old Ballard and the industrial area on the edge of the neighborhood.  More from Ballard coming soon…


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