travels revisited: italian cats & stairways to the sea

This post is more of a self-indulgence than an expression of photographic skils, but hey… a lot of travel photos are about the memories. These kitties caught my eye while we were hiking around Cinque Terre.

This one looks so much like our cat, it’s uncanny. At the time, we had only just gotten 9r and he was still a little kitten back at home while we were off on our adventures. Don’t they just make you want to relax in the sun?

Obviously, the views didn’t impress (or scare) this guy. He trailed along this high path above the water with us for quite a ways.

One of the cool things about visiting Cinque Terre is that you can hike between the towns along the coast. We were there when it was still “winter,” so not many shops were open and we were only able to walk a couple of the legs as the path was being repaired in some places. Not to worry. The views were amazing. That’s for another post though. For now, here are a few of the many sets of stairs along our trek.


One comment

  1. Lovely italian cats! They are hidden everywhere in Italy, just waiting for curious eyes like yours. Good job!

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