unMonday: travels revisited: Florence, Italy

I’ve decided to revisit some of my older photos from traveling around Europe, that I’ve never really taken the time to look through or edit. My first review will be of my honeymoon trip to Italy in February of 2009. We spent time visiting friends who got stationed at Aviano Air Base, and timed it so that we could experience Carnevale in Venice. We were also able to travel to Florence, Pisa, and Cinque Terre.

This was back when I did not own a dSLR, so forgive the photos for being a little lower quality. They were all taken with a Canon PowerShot S3 IS. It was a great little travel camera, and I think the images still turned out pretty well.

In Florence, we made the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (aka “Duomo”) one of our main attractions.

The intricate details of this cathedral are amazing, and overwhelming because there is so much going on with it! I was truly impressed by this place, and I’ve visited quite a few European cathedrals… this one was unique and well worth the short walk from the train station to see. It still makes me stop and wonder, when I consider how old this structure is. It’s older than our nation! In today’s bustling city of Florence, this giant building can surprise you as it is squished right into the middle of everything.

Click on any of these photos to get to my Flickr account where you can view a few others. More photos to come from our travels through Italy!


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