unMonday: arizona sunrise

I have completely fallen in love with desert mornings – the soft colors of dawn, the stirring wildlife, and the refuge of coolness before the harsh midday sun.  If I ever lived in the desert, I think I would even go so far as to become a morning person.  During this trip to Tucson, I really wanted to make sure I captured this part of the day, and my grandmother-in-law was kind enough to drive me out to Saguaro National Park to photograph the sunrise.  Unfortunately, much of the morning ended up being fairly overcast (of course the one day I decide to photograph the sunrise is also the one day of cloudy weather in one of the sunniest places in the U.S.), so the morning light was pretty much stifled by the time the sun rose above the hills.  But I still very much enjoyed the peace and quiet of sunrise in the Saguaro National Park, making the effort to photograph a specific place at a specific time, and the singular beauty of the desert environment.  I’ll be continuing the Tucson film series with two more posts…stay tuned!

These photos were shot using Kodak Ektar 100:


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