unMonday: carkeek park

There are so many places to explore in the Seattle, especially within Seattle’s numerous parks.  I’ve already shared photos from excursions in Ravenna, Green Lake, and Gasworks parks, and there are still many beautiful parks left to explore (I’ve visited only about 45 of them).  Another one of my favorites is Carkeek Park, with its forest trails, resident bald eagles, open lawns, Puget Sound beach, and a footbridge for train-watching.  These photos are from a recent expedition with friends and family to Carkeek.

On a side note, I’ve been trying to move away from always shooting my Canon 50mm f/1.4 at the widest aperture setting.  While f/1.4 is useful in low-light conditions and for getting that dramatic bokeh blur, I realized that I’m sacrificing a lot of sharpness and abusing the bokeh effect.  I’ve found that, at f/2.8, the 50mm produces a much sharper image and still has a depth of field that’s shallow enough to isolate the subject from its surroundings.  Being aware of my f-stop has always been a weak spot in my technique, so I’ll be practicing using the full range of my lens’ aperture settings.

Coming soon: I recently took a trip to the Arizona desert and shot exclusively with film, opting to leave my digital SLR at home (first time I’ve done that on a longer trip).  Stay tuned for several posts from my trip to Tucson!


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  1. “Puget Sound Beach” = “Pile of rocks next to some really cold water”

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