raspberry bubbles & other fun things

I have something exciting to share… A couple of weeks ago, I upgraded my camera! I am now shooting with a Canon 5D MarkIII, which I can hardly believe. I have been drooling over this camera for quite a while, but I didn’t really think I would get one. At least not this year. I’m such a lucky lady ~ my husband walked in one day and said, “You should get that new camera. You deserve it… and it would be a good upgrade.” Woot woot! :) We researched the new 6D Canon has released as well, but decided the MarkIII was for me. I’m pretty much set for life as far as a camera goes.

It’s been a ton of fun learning to use this new piece of equipment. The Retro Portraits I posted last week were taken with the brand spankin’ new MarkIII. I’m blown away by its abilities. I pulled it out of the box, charged up the battery, and started playing with it while flipping through the manual. I thought to myself, It would be cool to share the very first photo I take with this. Just then the shutter fired (its a bit more sensitive than my Rebel XSi, and surprised me). Well, shoot… I wasn’t ready! I was just trying to figure out if my settings were right and focus! But voila – this lovely photo was born. I did have most of my settings ready, and the crazy high ISO this camera can achieve allowed this picture to appear even though there was just one light on in our dark living room.

I couldn’t believe it! I quickly checked the settings and excitedly told James about the ISO and how it compared to my Rebel. And my Rebel couldn’t take a photo of this quality in low-light if my life depended on it. Crazy!

Of course, I had to quick practice some more and play with my settings. I’ve warned you about my cat being the test model for all my new camera gear, right? :) Luckily he’s pretty photogenic and will put up with just about anything if James is holding him.

The capability of the MarkIII in low-light is one of the most exciting things about it to me, and I wanted to really push it to the limit. We had some cheesecake and wine one night, and I just had to run and grab the new camera to see what it could do. These photos are lit by candlelight.

The little bubbles covering the raspberries were so cool looking! I know there’s a little noise in these images, but when you consider the circumstances I was shooting under… these photos are quite wonderful if you ask me.


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