unMonday: retro portrait shoot

This weekend, I had the pleasure of doing a vintage/retro inspired photo shoot with my friend. I watched some Sue Bryce instructions on posing before we went out, so I would be prepared and could try to practice directing someone from behind the camera. If you ask me, it’s a bit intimidating from both sides of the lens. Lucky for me, Sabrina is always beautiful and I don’t think it would be possible to take a bad picture of her! She’s also a photographer, so she was very understanding. I’m so happy with how this day went (even though it was rainy and cold!) and I just love these portraits! I’m going to have to share quite a few with you right now…

Such a gorgeous lady! She obliged me as I tried to get her to do small smiles and lots of different poses. I think one of the best shots though is this unposed laughing one.

And these last few are a bit more contemporary than retro – due to the way I’ve edited them and had her pose.

What do you think? This last one is my favorite. A huge thank you to Sabrina for having such a fun photo shoot in mind and asking me to do this with her! She was such a great sport about everything ~ especially being silly on a tennis court in the rain. :)



  1. Candy Craddick

    My favorite is the up close against the wall…the brown of her eyes, hair, eyebrows with the browns in the wall. There is just something so genuine about this picture!

  2. kyle

    That last one is ready to be published in a fashion magazine!

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