newborn photography

Just over a week ago, I had the amazing opportunity to practice newborn photography under Vanessa at Sweet Rose. It was such a privilege to watch her work, and then be able to try out some of her tips and techniques. A special thank you is due to precious baby Kate and her mom as well – for allowing me to be a part of their portrait session!

I loved her little expression as she settled into this pose!

It’s easy to see that a good collection of little headbands and accessories is a must for newborn photos. Vanessa also has quite a few different fabrics and blankets for backdrops, which add variety to her shoots. I really like how the different textures make each photograph unique. It was also great to see how she took her time getting baby Kate settled into a position; waiting for her to relax and making sure she was safe and comfortable (and not going to wake up and be upset.) I learned that there’s no need to rush, and if a baby does wake up and want to eat, then take a break from shooting. :) The relaxed and laid back atmosphere of this session was something I would love to achieve if I worked in portrait photography. As I expand my comfort zone with photographing people, I’m continuing to feel like it’s something I could really get into. Kate was a wonderful little model, which made this session especially easy and fun.

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