unMonday: revisted travels: paris (part i)

Paris is incredible.  For those of us who don’t live in Paris, we imagine or remember this city as one embodied by art, culture, romance, mystery, beauty, and sophistication.  While I know this doesn’t describe the full reality of Paris, I’m content with letting it live on this way in my memory.

Things I liked about Paris:

  • Real boulangeries
  • Real cafes
  • Pretty much every street and its buildings
  • The Metro (locals might dislike it, but they probably haven’t seen what Seattle has/doesn’t have to offer)
  • The architecture
  • The way most locals dress
  • Vélib’ (even though I didn’t use it)
  • Delicious kebab au frites

Things I didn’t like about Paris:

  • The herds of tourists who weren’t my friends and me (selfish, I know)
  • Feeling like I wasn’t good enough for Paris (self-conscious, I know)

I’ll be visiting Paris again soon, and I’m sure I’ll return with even more photos.  Until then, enjoy these pics from 2008!  Happy unMonday!


One comment

  1. I wonder if the people sitting by the boating lake are dreaming of being on a desert island watching the yachts in the bay. ;)

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