revisited travels: marrakesh

I’ve finished the next batch of old travel photos, and I have a whole bunch of photos from Morocco to share with you!  Morocco is by far one of the most interesting countries I’ve ever visited, with it’s ancient labyrinth cities, unique mix of cultures, friendly people, and exotic smells and flavors.  My trip to Marrakesh and Rabat was also one of the most challenging.  It took me way outside of my cultural comfort zone and forced me to venture beyond a more conventional idea of traveling.  I think these challenges – and the wonderful travel companions with whom I shared these experiences – are what made this trip so unforgettable.  Marrakesh remains one of my favorite cities in the world and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a little out-of-the-ordinary adventure.

These photos are some of the last photos from my Marrakesh set (the rest were completed years ago).  The next post(s) will feature Rabat, the capital of Morocco.  I can’t help but wish that I had taken better photos while I was in Morocco.


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