unMonday: natchitoches in b&w

These photos are from the Kodak Pro B&W400CN roll, shot through the Minolta SRT 201. I really love this film… the only post-processing I’ve done with these photos is made them true black and white. They developed with a slight greenish tint, but I’ll take the trade off since I can get this film developed locally rather than having to ship it off somewhere where they can handle true black and white.

I did have a roll of color film in my Canon with a few shots left on it, and I finished it up on this excursion as well. I think I prefer the black and white, but I have been letting both of these rolls “marinate” for about a month before reviewing them. Hopefully there will be a couple color photos I can share… then it will be onto the digital! I returned to the plantations and Natchitoches just a week ago with a photographer friend. I’m curious to see if I’ve improved in any way since my earlier visits.


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