unMonday: new to iPhoneography

I know I’m a bit behind the rest of the world when it comes to the photographic capabilities and options of the iPhone. That’s okay – Kyle got me a great Christmas present: The Art of iPhoneography by Stephanie Calabrese Roberts. I have an iPhone 4, and this little book is an inspiration and got me so excited about shooting photos with my phone! I decided to start experimenting with a few new apps this past weekend, and here are my results. First, some shots edited with Snapseed:

I may be a little frame happy. But I think they’re cool and it’s a fun new thing for me, so you’re going to have to deal with it for a while. After downloading and trying a few different photo editing apps for the iPhone, I must say that Snapseed is the most versatile and manipulatable program I’ve found. If you want lots of editing options and features, it’s the app for you.

Another app I chose to purchase is Cameramatic. I picked this one because it states it can shoot film style photos similar to Hipstamatic, but it still gives you some post processing control after the shot as well. Here are a couple that were processed by Cameramatic.

Last, but not least, I purchased VSCO. This app didn’t really jump out at me in the app store, and I wasn’t completely convinced it was worth having until I did a little research online. It’s seemed a little simplistic and I didn’t understand the features offered. That being said, once I googled it, I found out it was an excellent option for putting film filters on your photos. It does a great job making a digital image look like a film shot. Considering my latest obsession with film, this is a great little app for me. Here are a couple of shots using VSCO.

I’m so inspired, I decided to start a new collection on my Flickr account for iPhoneography. Check it out here! Since I’ve been shooting mostly film, I like to take my phone along to capture the pictures I’m not sure are worth using a frame of film on… now that I’ve learned a few tricks and found these apps, I’m even more excited to incorporate my phone into my photography. My next challenge will be shooting a series in the same format with one of these apps (or possibly checking out Hipstamatic and using that). It’s something the author of the book recommends and I think it would help stretch my photographic eye (and just be fun to do!) If you have any suggestions on a subject I should shoot for this challenge, let me know. I’ll be brainstorming… until later!


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