unMonday: first photos of 2013

On New Year’s Day, I took a post-lunch walk around Seattle’s Seward Park with some family and friends (four of us armed with cameras).  It was a beautiful day for photography and a relaxing, refreshing way to start off the New Year.

I’m sorry for all of the posts of old photos these days.  Unfortunately, the constraints of winter daylight here in Seattle means that, practically speaking, I can shoot only between the hours of about 9am and 3pm (smack dab in the middle of the work day).  On the bright side, I’m finally going through all of the sets for which some people have been waiting for months (or years).  I’m also working on coming up with a few projects to get me outside and shooting on the weekends.  Until then, enjoy my first shots of 2013, and get ready for some more photos from my “still waiting to be edited” archive!

P.S. The GPS turn-by-turn app on the Samsung Galaxy S3 pronounces Rainier as “Rain-yay”.



  1. Hi Kyle — Joelle Hammerstad here with Seattle Parks and Recreation. Can we use the top photo of Mt. Rainier and the ducks on our website? — Joelle

    • kyle

      Hi Joelle! Thanks for asking! I would love to support Seattle Parks and Rec! But first, may I ask how this photo will be used?

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