snow photos

Photographing snow has got to be one of the toughest things I tried to do when I started seriously working with my dSLR. The white balance was off – all my photos were blue when I downloaded them, and the exposure setting was wrong in nearly every shot. I was shooting manual, and after realizing that I had frozen my finger tips out there for some shots that were going to take heavy editing to use at all, I changed my approach to the winter wonderland in our backyard. It took a couple quick trips onto the back porch, shooting test shots, coming back in and downloading them to see their true quality, and adjusting my settings accordingly, for me to feel confident enough to trudge out into the falling snow again. Good thing I practiced, because the next morning we had a gorgeous new snow-fall that made me grab my camera and my coat as soon as I got out of bed. I wanted the fresh snow, before it started to get heavy from the warmth of sunshine or be tracked through by animals.

I used this black and white photo to create some cards for Christmas presents last year. I’m still not sure how to capture the beauty of falling snow in a still-shot, but I was happy to see a few flakes show up here over the dark water of the creek.

I still had to do a little white-balance adjusting on these in my post-processing, but they were much closer to what they needed to be out of the camera than my first try. I also bumped up the contrast a bit to help show the different textures of the snow. I need to practice some more, but it will have to wait until we are back up north again.


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