unMonday: fall wrap-up

Since it’s December, I figured it’s about time I get caught up on processing my photos of fall colors. We don’t usually have a very colorful fall where I grew up… it starts to cool off and then everything is frozen or covered with snow before there’s a chance for color changes. So, when Louisiana’s mild November weather presented me with some great different leaf colors, I was excited to get my camera out and take some pictures.

I also spent some time wandering around the downtown area of Leesville, in search of some interesting shots while I tested out the Minolta camera. In such a small town, it’s easy to feel like you’re familiar (and bored) with everything there possibly is to photograph… so I wasn’t expecting much. It was a damp day and I was following the sounds of drips – in search of some puddle shots, when I came across an intriguing alley. I proceeded with caution (hoping to not get shot or come across – well – anyone) and I found a gravel parking lot on other side. From here, there were a few abandoned old commercial spaces that were just the artistic inspiration I needed.

Then I wandered on down the street, only to find the below doorway to empty space. The next door neighbor to this address is an attorney’s office – I even saw him come into work, so I know other parts of the building are in use. Pretty crazy to see… and a little unnerving, especially along with hearing the small animal that was running along inside of the covered awning above my head. I hope it was just a squirrel.

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