unMonday: watery reflections


These are two very different shots, but they both involve one of my favorite things to try and photograph: reflections. It had rained the morning I was planning on taking the Minolta out for a spin, and I was excited to see some puddles remained when I started wandering around town. After my fun on the wet tennis courts (check those photos out here), I had learned that even shallow wetness can create a great reflective surface. That’s how I noticed the slick spot next to the courthouse, and captured the above photo. There’s a lot going on in there, I know, but I wanted an almost double-exposure feel and it seems to have worked.


This second photo is a more classic reflection. To me, it looks old or timeless, and I’ve found that most of the photos I’ve taken with the Minolta come out feeling this way. I don’t know what it is about the camera or the lenses, but they just have an effect (especially in brighter light) on the film that makes it look like it was taken years and years ago. Do you see that too?


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