unMonday: a rainy afternoon

It was rainy the day I had planned to go shoot my black and white roll of film, but that didn’t stop me. Since it was still around 70 degrees out, I didn’t see any reason not to go. The cloudy weather actually inspired me and helped me find interesting contrast in everyday places. The first photo is out of focus, but I love the look and feel of it anyway.

Thanks to the light rain, this shot was worth taking. The standing water and drips had me traipsing everywhere in search of unique photos.

I pushed both the camera and film to its limit on this indoor, backlit photo of my husband. This little Canon AT-1 just keeps on impressing me. Happy unMonday!



  1. Silje

    You should do this for a living Shera!

  2. Candy Craddick

    Can you guess which one is my favorite? James of course!! But I love the fence and vines, too!

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